Marbles Advertising Agency is permanently closed.

  • Strategy

    Research, integrated campaign management, situation analysis, reporting, product & brand positioning, workshops, content strategy, POS and online marketing, B2B, B2C.

  • Brand Identity

    Corporate design, corporate language, branded content, editorial design, web design, visual communication, style guidelines, brand books, logo development.

  • Design & Copy

    Illustrations, graphic design, layouts, infographics, photography, video, copy development, image processing, typography, CGI and digital editing.

  • Online

    Conception and design of online ads, websites, banners, online campaigns, app development, social media and influencer marketing, community management.

  • Film & Print

    TV and web commercials, corporate films, billboards, print ads, posters, magazines, flyers.


kinder Chocofresh

A loving cat owner does and shares everything with her favorite feline. Well, almost everything. When it comes to extra special sweets, it’s best if we humans enjoy them on our own. All a kitty can do is sigh: “Oh, to be human!”

kinder Pingui

It’s easy to recognize kinder Pingui fans by the way they waddle with excitement to the refrigerator. Pingui Walk provides the brand with a strong link between product and target audience. Waddle, waddle!


Real athletes never take a break from their passion, so as of March 3rd, Nike Town is staying open until midnight. It’s high time for some champion shopping after dark.

VW Media Portal

Every journalist knows from experience that research means long hours and hard work. That’s why VW media sites make it easy to get comprehensive information. Simple as ABC.


Driving is about more than just putting the pedal to the metal—for many people, it’s about believing.


We love to talk about horsepower when admiring a sports car— but what about its other features? This campaign shows that the new Seat Leon has more to offer than just power.

Allianz Accident Insurance

Life is full of possibilities, especially when it comes to accidents. Fortunately, Allianz accident insurance has got you covered.

Allianz Real Estate Insurance

Even real estate needs all-round protection. You never know what could happen.


Wish you could get fashion advice whenever and wherever you need it? No problem—with Zalon stylists, the perfect outfit is only a call away.


ASOS, the largest British online fashion and beauty store, was dressed to impress when it arrived in the German market. The global retailer’s 80-day social media campaign—complete with top internet celebrities—was an extremely successful launch.

SORRY - Marbles Advertising Agency is permanently closed.


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